Vintage Watch box


It seems to be a good day for Blogging. Second Post for the day. 😛

If you follow my FB page (Link is available at the bottom of the Page, if you don’t 😛 ), You might have noticed, I’m writing the tutorials for my previous posts. So just hang on for a while, I’ll post the new Projects really soon. 😀

So today I’m here with the tutorial of Vintage themed Watch box which I made for my Brother-in-law. Here are few clicks of

Sorry guys I can’t find the detailed and inside pics of it, to show you. I’ll surely attach it later if I find it.

Anyways, so here I have used Bob-n-Betty Decoupage papers. These are gorgeous Papers exclusively made in India. These are perfect for decoupage and much forgiving than Decoupage tissue Paper. That makes it so easy to work with. And it got all the beautiful range of designs, which goes with ant theme you wanna work with. Since I wanted to give it masculine theme, I chose Vintage car Paper. I got the six slot watch box from Adornos. It has that felt covering on the lid as well as on the slot along with watch Pillows. So I don’t need to embellish it from inside. It was perfect. For outside,I prepared the surface by covering it clear/white Gesso,then colored the box with Camel Acrylic paint as per my paper color. Then I tear the paper as per the size of the lid. Its good if you tear it with hand instead of cutting it Scissors, as the edges tend to match easily with the background when teared. Then, pasted it with mod podge a little at a time. I did the same process for the sides as well. For one side, I was not left with any of these paper pattern, so i took the matching washi tape and stick it. 😀 . Then I Stamped the Dream big sentiment from from Itsy-Bitsy. And randomly stamped my favorite french script sentiment. I had these few burlap wheel embellishments which were there in my stash since forever. It matched so perfectly here, I pasted it with clear tacky glue. Then I distressed it with Tim holtz Distress ink on the edges to give it that vintage look. I stenciled some random pattern here and there. Its up to you, you can play with Stamps, Stencils and inks as long as you want until you are satisfied completely. Once I found the look of the box complete, I sealed the surface with two coats of clear varnish. Just look at the beauty guys.

I hope you love it as much I do. Please comment if you like it or if you have any questions.

Till then, Happy Crafting!! XOXO


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