Hi Folks,

I’m new into this blogging thing so please just go easy on me for sometime. I still need to get the hang of it. 😛

Today I’m here with the lovely coasters i made for my new place. I just love coffee, hot chocolate and basically anything you put cocoa in. 😛  So my husband keeps making these drinks to make me happy. Yayyy!! But at the same time I don’t want my new furniture to get spoiled right. So I made these quirky, punny coasters which are super easy to make.

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These are 3mm/4*4 inch mdf wood coasters you will get in your local craft stores. I got mine at micheals. Quality is amazing. I then painted it with Camel Acrylic paints. I wanted the winter shades as there’s this beautiful snow all around here. So I mixed few colors, you can paint in whatever colors you like. Now comes the fun part. Pick up your permanent marker and doodle whatever you like. I found the quotes on Pinterest. To add some interest I doodled a little bit. Mine is Sakura Pigma Micron pen. Dont worry if you don’t have it, you can also use your all-purpose sketch pens. Just that it takes 24 hours to dry where as Micron pens dried in like 15 mins.For white color, I like my Uniball white get pen. Its the best I have ever come across. After it dries, I just applied 2 coats of clear varnish giving 12 hours to dry in between both the coats. Your coasters are ready to use.


Preety. Ain’t it?

I hope this has inspired you to make yours. If you do, I would love to see it.

Oh, and I almost forgot, Happy Valentines day Peeps!! And Happy Crafting of course.



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